Majisuka Gakuen 5 Announcement


We’re doing this.


Yo Era here.

Majisuka Gakuen is a particularly memorable adornment of AKB48 to me. It was one of the earliest AKB-related things I watched, and as like many of you, I was fascinated by the gratuitously bloody sight of girls punching the shit out of each other, despite shaky plotholes and bad acting at times.

Over the years I’ve grown disdainful of it, unfortunately. Majisuka Gakuen 2 was acceptable despite multiple plotholes big enough to fit a city in it, and I did enjoy the captivating characters involved. Majisuka Gakuen 3’s change of setting was a no-no for me, though the improved action scenes and quite some awesome footage of Miyu was its silver lining.

And then came Majisuka Gakuen 4, a step back to the old formula that worked. I was so hyped.

But ultimately disappointed; the fact that Sakura could plow through so many opponents with relatively little character development, the lackluster character design of the 4 Heavenly Queens, a plot revolving on Zombie and Kamisori always getting kidnapped or put down- not unlike Boy Hostage Robin. And then there were the cameos, which while a breath of life, had so absolutely little to do with the plot that it was obvious they were worked in for the sake of simply being worked in.

But credits where credits are due; Salt is plain bloody friggin’ awesome.

Well now, after a cut-short episode 10 thingy where the season went unresolved, where do we go from here?

*checks trailer*. Guns… yakuza… and guns.


Definitely dangerous territory here. These introductions into new grounds could either make it or break it. Once again, I hope the series prove me wrong and produce an ultimately stunning piece of art.

And c’mon. Acchan. Yuuko. The original ‘Maji da yo’!

We realise Aidol haven’t been on top of our game lately, but we’d rather not see this fall into bad sub territory. Yankee talk isn’t exactly easy to translate- and considering the number of subpar translators there are out there these days, I’d rather see this in the right hands.

So. In conclusion. Aidol already has galvanized a team together in anticipation of Majisuka Gakuen 5, and is ready to take it on.

Remember: Ain’t no other way to live but seriously. Climb those stairs.

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[Request] Matsui Rena graduation: Matsui Rena SHOW


Matsui Rena, who announced her graduation recently,
let’s present her this TV programme as a gift.

Currently NHK BS Premium is airing the 「AKB48 SHOW!」,
let’s make the extra segment 「Matsui Rena SHOW!」happen.

From the TV programme request page,
We, as fans can reach to the tv programme staff,
about 「Thought to Matsui Rena-san」 and strong hope for「Matsui Rena SHOW!」

We would really appreciate if people could spare the time to make a request to the NHK site, specifically at AKB48SHOW, requesting for
– Production Request for「Matsui Rena SHOW!」
– Performance Request for Matsui Rena live singing “Kareha no Station”, along with live instrumental performance of that song with Furuhata Nao on sax and Azuma Rion on piano.

Below are the simple steps:-

1. Go to this URL:
2. Fill in the form
3. Click the pinkish button.And you’re done!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.14.59 AM

  • ニックネーム (Your nickname)
  • 都道府県 (Select the last option: その他 *Others*)
  • 年龄 (Age)
  • 性別 (Gender) : (Male | Female)
  • ご感想・メッセージ (Thoughts, Request), please insert: (「松井玲奈SHOW」をお願います,「AKB48SHOW」にて古畑奈和サックス & 東李苑ピアノ 生演奏&松井玲奈生歌『枯葉のステーション』をリクエスト)
  • Thanks for your time, and we really hope they can make it to the AKB48SHOW.


    Another help, currently the viewing rate of TWO ROSES on youtube is about 400,000.
    We hope everyone can help to increase the viewing rate up to 1,000,000 before Matsui Rena graduates. Thanks
    Link as below:

    150105 AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai

    Konya Kaeranai


    Yeah, half (no pun intended) of Aidol have been set loose in Japan. Someone call the relevant authorities.


    But fear not, even with them abandoning work I’m sure you’ll get your beloved subbers back in time. At least, until they have this little Visa that I have… *cough*


    But anyway!


    Even in this dire time we’ve managed to come up with something to release- this something being a specific episode of Konya wa Kaeranai, which the trio of Muto Tomu, Iwata Karen and Takeuchi Miyu hosts. …Even if it’s about 6 months late, it’s still an extremely memorable episode worth subbing- watch (or listen :/ ) on as Muto Tomu makes a dastardly mistake upon her dear senpai Miyu, causing her to leave the studio and Karen having to carry to majority of Radio program on her solo self! Super credits to Michael Soares for whom without all this pretty text would not have been possible!


    …And normally I’d take this time to say ‘Vote for Miyu!’… but yeah, she’s not participating this year… so why not go for Karen instead? The sweet, beloved and downright crazy girl has never made it into the Sousenkyo, let’s give her a sporting chance!


    Signing out, Era-AKB49Musicalisstillnotdone-Memory.


    [AIDOL] 150105 AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai by AIDOL_KKS


    Translator: EraMemory
    Timer: Michael Soares
    Typeset: Michael Soares
    QC: Mayuyu, Ricky

    141108 SKE48 EbiCalcio! – Episode 5.5 (Extended Segment)


    On this episode, Matsumura and Tani try applying for a bit of a different kind of lottery prizes!
    Will they be successful on this attempt of theirs!?
    Also, they suddenly start winning some of the prizes for which they had previously applied for!!
    Will they get the food and meat which they are desperately hoping to win!? And will these prizes help get them closer to their goal of winning 100 thousand Yen already!?
    Finally, Matsumura tries cooking up a dish on her own with the available ingredients!! How will this turn out!?

    Download softsubs here!

    Dailymotion Stream:

    [AIDOL] 141108 SKE48 Ebi Calcio Episode! 5.5 by AIDOL_KKS
    ^ Click here ^ for the LINKS from Dailymotion
    (※Please note that the video is listed in “Private” mode to prevent it from being deleted due to copyrights violation issues. Kindly use the link here, and/or try to download it from Dailymotion using a downloader (Eg.: in case the video doesn’t stream smoothly.)

    AND!! AKB48 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo will be finalized this weekend!! Are you all ready!? If you haven’t voted for your favourite SKE48 members yet, there’s still time to do so now! Make this SKE48 Sousenkyo Domination successful! And we’ll bring you subs for these shows faster than ever!!

    Translator: KudoShinichi
    Timer: Key
    Typeset: Michael Soares
    QC: Mayuyu

    SKE48 Kenkyuusei + Extra – 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo Appeal Comment Videos


    We’re back with the Sousenkyo Appeal comment videos of the Kenkyuuseis!! So, here’s the future of SKE48 before you right now! If you’re not yet familiar with the names and faces of all the 7th gen members, here’s your chance to know more about them through these videos!! And you might as well find a new oshimen among them too~ So, definitely vote for them if you find one~
    Also, we have some bonus videos for you as well! Enjoy~

    Aikawa Honoka:

    SKE48 KKS – Aikawa Honoka by AIDOL_KKS

    Asai Yuuka:

    SKE48 KKS – Asai Yuka by AIDOL_KKS

    Ota Ayaka:

    SKE48 KKS – Ota Ayaka by AIDOL_KKS

    Obata Yuna:

    SKE48 KKS – Obata Yuna by AIDOL_KKS

    Kataoka Narumi:

    SKE48 KKS – Kataoka Narumi by AIDOL_KKS

    Kawasaki Narumi:

    SKE48 KKS – Kawasaki Narumi by AIDOL_KKS

    Goto Rara:

    SKE48 KKS – Goto Rara by AIDOL_KKS

    Suenaga Oka:

    SKE48 KKS – Suenaga Oka by AIDOL_KKS

    Sugiyama Aika:

    SKE48 KKS – Sugiyama Aika by AIDOL_KKS

    Takahata Yui:

    SKE48 KKS – Takahata Yuki by AIDOL_KKS

    Tsuji Nozomi:

    SKE48 KKS – Tsuji Nozomi by AIDOL_KKS

    Nojima Kano:

    SKE48 KKS – Nojima Kano by AIDOL_KKS

    Machi Otoha:

    SKE48 KKS – Machi Otoha by AIDOL_KKS

    Murai Junna:

    SKE48 KKS – Murai Junna by AIDOL_KKS

    Wada Aina:

    SKE48 KKS – Wada Aina by AIDOL_KKS

    AKB48 Team B – Fukuoka Seina:

    AKB48 Team B – Fukuoka Seina by AIDOL_KKS

    AKB48 Team 4 – Komiyama Haruka:

    AKB48 Team 4 Komiyama Haruka SSK Appeal Eng Sub by jerviesm

    Translation: KudoShinichi
    Timing: Pervies, Rock~kun, Key
    Typesetting: Michael Soares
    QC: Hayate, Ricky

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