(Drama) Zutto Mae Kara

Zutto Mae Kara  preview 1

This time Aidol is releasing a drama that is tied together with the PV.

[French Kiss] is a new Sub unit from AKB48 and which consists of Kashiwagi Yuki, Takajo Aki, and Kuramochi Asuka.

The drama included in Type A single is titled “Zutto Mae Kara,” which happens to be the name for the cover song as well.

Zutto Mae Kara  preview 2

“Zutto Mae Kara” talks about a love story that involves the three girls playing as managers of a school baseball team.

With Kashiwagi and the Ace baseball catcher as the lead actors, what kind of love story will it develop into?

This is a 2 part drama which AIDOL has split into.

Enjoy ( ^.^)/~



[AIDOL] Zutto mae kara Front by aidol_stream


[AIDOL] zutto mae kara back by aidol_stream

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