AIDOL Website Officially Launched

AIDOL 3.0 logo

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to AIDOL official website!

This website is done by our website designer “Kian”  for around 3 months and I wish to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Without further a due , let me give you a little orientation of this place.

Menu Bar

If you notice at the side there is always this menu to be seen , please us that to navigate around.

If you are wondering what AIDOL stands for , it’s for post related to AIDOL meaning events , announcement, website updates etc.


If you notice our mascot at the side, you can seek a preview of what’s the latest news at our twitter.

Similarly, you can click it and it will direct you to our twitter site.


As we are facebook base, not you can “like” us or the episode which we have release simply by click on the “like” button which can be found anywhere

Please do note that we would like to continue talking to everyone at facebook thus we will continue to post our release on our facebook where you can ask us questions or simply chat with us!

External Links

This are our Official Partners, without them , AIDOL was not possible so please do support them as well!

Lastly , I would like to extend our warmest welcome to our website.

As our website is still new , there will still be construction all around the site.

There might be bugs or links which are not working, thus please do help us by telling us about it when you spot them.

Please also  give us feedback of the website

EVENT: Opening of the website

Here are the name list of the girls which we will be subbing for the previous “Janken Taikai Solo Camera”


AteOneZero – Nakagawa Haruka
_Dystopian_ – Kashiwagi Yuki
bukx24  – Minegishi Minami
aefan_27 – Itano Tomomi
takoyukii – Takahashi Minami
BlaKe_SilenCe – Oshima Yuko
fyeahSUNMI – Miyazawa Sae


Please tell us on facebook if you wishes to change the name which we will be crediting.

Thank you. For those who did not make it please stay tune for our next event.

( ^ _ ^)∠☆