Latest updates on AIDOL website!

Hi everyone! If you have been roaming our website recently, you would have noticed that there are lots of changes around.
Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce these new features to you.

This feature has been around for quite sometime but it has not been used. I guess people are confused to use whether to use the facebook twitter or this. Bascially, this is a spambox.
As you can see it’s already being spammed (LoL). It’s a place where you can drop by and say a quick thanks , a question like ( when is xxx going to be release ? ) or ( what’s our vimeo password ).
However, even though this is a spam box please do take note, offensive spam will be removed.

Latest Headline
If you have noticed with the twitter at the side is gone,it no longers show the latest post of our twitter site.
However, with the introduction of latest headlines feature, new twitter posts shall appear there!
Along with other news flash/emergency news that we would like everyone to take note. Please read this part of our website for quick news update.

Design Us!
We need your help to build AIDOL website! Yes, you can help us build the AIDOL website. Right now you can help us by sending in background image of minimum dimension of 1920 by 1200 pixels image.
We will choose one selected entry and announce it and use it on our website! Please visit the page for more information. For any enquiry, please email us or write on our facebook wall!

The partners column has been changed into small banners for better graphics. I hope you guys like it!

This is brought to you by the AIDOL team! Thank you for always supporting us :)