Maeda Atsuko – Aitakatta

Aitakatta Atsuko Preview

Here’s our next member of Aitakatta! It’s none other than our ACE!

How does she look when she started out in AKB? Well here’s a episode not to be missed!

This episode was suppose to be released last week. However due to some miscommunication it was delayed.

We apologised yet again. There will be another release for the previous week and there will be MORE release for this week. OMG lol.

Thus please look forward to it!

With this Aitakatta Road to Major Debut release, AIDOL introduce 2 new members!

♥Ngan Bee and IAMGUNDAM♥

-Ngan Bee ( Timer , Quality Checker )

-IAMGUNDAM ( Quality Checker, Editor )

Please welcome them (^.^)/~

If you are wondering what is a editor, we shall explain it on our next AKBINGO! release.


[AIDOL]Maeda Atsuko-Aitakatta by aidol_stream

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Translator: Bhemfine
Timer: ReA
Typesetter: ReA
Quality Check : Ngan Bee, IAMGUNDAM
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