Nakagawa Haruka Janken Taikai

Janken Harugon Preview 1

Hi everyone!

It’s finally up!! Our first series of the Janken Taikai Solo Camera!!

First up is, Nakagawa Haruka as requested by “Justin Chan”

Janken Harugon Preview 2

In this episode, Nakagawa shows that she is really hyper active!

Running here and there, changing her costume time and time again! Not only that, is she really 19 years old?! (0.0)

Even if you are not Harugon fan, be sure to watch this as we can hardly see how members act like backstage!!

This is a show definitely not to be missed!!


[AIDOL] AKB48 Janken Taikai – Nakagawa Haruka no… by aidol_stream

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Translator : Azn.Jedi
Timer : Bukx
Typeset : ReA
Requested by : Justin Chan