aidol event

Ladies and gentlemen! Do you think your oshimen deserves more screentime? Has there been a time when you wished that latest AKB or H!P -related show was translated because there were just so many handsome ‘men’ in it? Or maybe you just want your favourite little video clip to be subbed to show your friends how awesome AKB48/H!P is? WELL, WE CAN HELP WITH THE LAST TWO!

Starting RIGHT NOW, we will be recruiting contestants to participate in 3 rounds of games, the details of which will be announced via our twitter (@AidolTeam) closer to when each round will begin. So get yourselves an account on twitter and @mention us with your name before 11:59pm gmt+8 this Thursday (8 Sep ’11) to enter the ULTIMATE AKB48 QUIZ CHALLENGE.
There is no limit to how many contestants can enter round 1 so even if you’re a casual fan, join up anyway! You never know…maybe you’ve actually got what it takes to win this!

Oh, and be prepared with as much knowledge about AKB48 and anything AKB48-related. That will be your most useful weapon…

Here are the details of the event~

Contestants will be registered from now till 2359 GMT+8 THURSDAY 8th Sep ’11. There is no limit to how many contestants can participate in round 1. There will be 3 rounds in total and 3 winners will be selected after the final round.
To apply, @mention AidolTeam on twitter and you will be entered as a contestant under your twitter name.
(eg. @AidolTeam I want to be a contestant!)

Prizes are as follows:

The winner will get to pick any AKB48 or Hello! Project -related video under 45mins long and COMMAND US TO TRANSLATE IT.

( You may want to split up the 45 min and ask us to translate 2 episodes of 20+ min video. Eg. 2 Episode of Nemosu, Shukan etc )

Runner up prize : Any AKB48 or H!P -related video under 30mins long.

( Examples might be , SHUKAN AKB, NEMOSU TV, MADA MADA KORE KARA, etc of course other variety shows as well, as long as there is appearance of AKB48 or H!P girls )

Second runner up prize: Any AKB48 or H!P -related video under 15mins long.

(Examples might be, Aitakatta making of, Janken Senbatsu solo camera, 2 episodes of Aitakatta road major debut, Making of’s and any other variety shows as well, as long as there is appearance of AKB48 or H!P girls )

Round 1:

The game/challenge/quiz will begin on 2359 GMT+8 Friday 9th Sep ’11.

Answers will be accepted via twitter until 2359 GMT+8 Sunday 11th Sep ’11.
Please direct message your answers to us (it’s different from @mention) so that no one else can see it. We will be following all contestants to facilitate this but will unfollow those who are eliminated.

The results will be announced on twitter on Wednesday 14th Sep ’11 and the top 20 contestants will proceed to round 2! The rest of our contestants, though we cherish you all, will sadly be eliminated.

Round 2 will occur on the same days the following week, and round 3 the week after.


The scores for each contestant will reset at the beginning of each round.

This entire event will be held on twitter so don’t forget to follow us! (@AidolTeam)

Only one person per account can join as a contestant.

Aidol reserves the right to reject and ask for another video if we deem the video not suitable for subbing due to various reasons.

After the application deadline, no more users will be registered for the event.