Recuiting!! v2

Hi Everyone!!

We are recruiting again!!!

If you think you fit the qualifications below! Please apply and join the family!! (>.<)



-LOVES AKB48/H!P/BOTH ( Please do tell us when you apply)

-Knows Japanese

-Thinks that you want to give back to the community by helping out with subbing

We are kinda like a group which loves fooling around but when it comes to work we are serious!

If you are hestitating because you think that there are time constraint, please do not worry as we run a system of someone will take over you if you have to do something important urgently or simply have exams we will slow down the pace for you.

*Edit. We might need 1 or 2 QC as well. Do apply (^.^)/~
*Edit. We have reached enough timers for now. Sorry about it.

*Edit. We have reached enough QC for now. Sorry about it

Please apply at

We will be waiting! (^.^)/~