(100414) AKBINGO! Episode 79

AKBINGO 100414

Here’s another episode of the much awaited AKBINGO!
This is the final part of the 2 part series where they send 10 assassin to fight against Jurina so that she will get pied! For the first time ever!

Will the members of AKB48 finally get to give Jurina her first pie on the face?
Be sure to watch it!!

With this release I hope to introduce, Ricky.
Another new qc! Please do take care of him as well.

If you have noticed we have quite alot of QC. This is because they are fixing
different parts of the show, example , timing, langage and etc.
They are all doing their best in order to provide with you quality work.

AKBINGO 100414 thumb

Video Information

Original Title:(AKB48) AKBINGO! 100414 (1280×720 XviD)

Length: 00:23:29

Resolution: 1280×720



Translator: Vincent
Timer: Ngan Bee
Typeset : Ngan Bee
QC:  H!P, Rendeification, Ricky, aznjedi