[AIDOL] NMB48 – Mayonaka Panchy Week 1-4

Mayonaka panchy 1

Hi Everyone!
Each week on Mayonaka Panchy a member of NMB48 will be invited to expose some “secret” of each other.

It’s the perfect show to watch as each week the member will be introducing themselves beside exposing each other.

Week 1

Mayonaka panchy 2

Week 2

Mayonaka panchy 3

Week 3

Mayonaka panchy 4

Week 4

Mayonaka panchy 5

This is a requested video by Outtaven who won 3rd in our Ultimate Aidol Challenge which we held recently.
We hope you like this video as well (^.^)6
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http://vimeo.com/30624675 – 001
http://vimeo.com/30624692 – 002
http://vimeo.com/30624716 – 003
http://vimeo.com/30624724 – 004

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Reuqested by : Outtaven