AIDOL Reopens!

Epicfaye welcomes you to AIDOL’s reopening! Yes, AIDOL friends, we’re back from the Black March campaign! As promised, we would released four new videos, and we’d released April’s Wallpaper Pack soon! Also, AIDOL’s on G+ too! It will totally be the same there as our facebook.
Follow us and maybe get our new AIDOL badge merchandise while you are on the way!
Check it out!

For Aidol G+ Link

For people who is interested in the badge/have pre-ordered the badge,
we have come out with the shipping price.
More details here

Ps. Did we mention that we only brought 100 of them and we have like 30+ staffs? Haha.

Ah yes lastly, I have had people reminding me that today’s April Fool’s day.
So well, there isn’t any release today (>.0)
Yeap. Seriously.Have you seen them?