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Announcing the creation of not only our new Aidol newsletter, but also it’s home on tumblr!

You can view and download it here

Tumblr shrank the photos so we definitely recommend you download the originals and view them that way 😀

We’re aiming to release this reasonably often (maybe once a month?) but it all depends on feedback from each and every one of you! Please have a look at issue 1 and let us know if there is anything that we should improve on, change, add etc to make it a publication that you find interesting and will download each month~

The Aidol Newsletter was brought to you by:


Designer: Bhemfine, IAMGUNDAM

Writers: mshaydown, Just Another Wota

Comment contributions: IAMGUNDAM, azn.jedi, Shin, Bhemfine, Ngan Bee

Special mention: StalkApple and EpicFaye for providing great suggestions during the conceptual phase of this project