Ultimate AIDOL Challenge 2012!


Hello AIDOL friends,
its epicfaye again to bring you a great news from bo-chan!
This years Ultimate AIDOL Challenge or UAC is finally here! Like previously, the competition would span for a good long month and we’d hand out questions on every single weekend for the month of July(4 rounds), starting from the 7th. Same as before, prizes would be an AKB video you’d like to be translated, plus other cool stuff, such as our AIDOL badges.
The Prize Breakdown is as follows:

1.First Placers would get a 45-minute video (either a whole video or videos totaling to 45 minutes) translated for them, an AIDOL badge, and a YUKIRIN DARUMA KEYCHAIN ( FROM AKB48 OFFICIAL SHOP TAIWAN ) from AIDOL


2.Second Placers would get a 30-minute video (either a whole video or videos totaling to 30 minutes) translated for them, and an AIDOL badge


3.Third Placers would get an AIDOL BADGE and 15-minute video (either a whole video or videos totalling to 15 minutes) translated for them


4.Fourth and Fifth Placers would get an AIDOL BADGE

To participate the event, you need to register for the contest.(There will be a point system).Therefore please register via our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/myAidol, our twitter @AidolTeam or via email at aidol_contact@yahoo.co.jp. You could also send in your queries here. We’d expect entries from you guys soon!
Template to register
PLEASE DO NOTE THAT ONLY 1 person can only register once. If at any time of the game we found that you are using 2 accounts, you will be disqualify immediately.
The name would be the name we will be showing to everyone as requested by so you may not use your real name if you wish to.
The e-mail would be used to communicate with you.
Thank you and we hope you will enjoy the event.