UAC Round 3


Ok everyone,

we really got to apologise real bad!! We actually mis-calculated the date and released this 1 day late (>.<;) We are sorry for making those who wait!!

Please forgive us!!!  Now, back to topic, this round is a little different, you have to answer questions given by us, and if  you had notice, some is REALLY easy and some is pretty much impossible. Even the bonus points distributed is different so please do take note!

Question 1 – 7 ( 2 points )

Question 8 – 12 ( 3 points )
Question 13 – 16 ( 5 points )

In this round, every even number submission gets 2 bonus points (>.^)

Please submit your answers to

The order of who gets the bonus points will be determined by the time e-mail received.

The answer will be reveal the round ends on Tuesday GMT+8 11.59PM ( No more confusion ).
After the appointed timing we will not accept any more answers and you will receive 0 points.
You can still continue on to the next round (^.^)

Do also note the last round will begins on 28th July GMT+8 9PM

Round 3 questions 

For those who can’t see the Kanji