UAC Round 3 Answers


Hello Everyone!

Looks like everyone is doing well in this round! I am sure you had some well earned points. What’s left is the last round this weekend! So be sure to read below for the time and date!

Before we announce the timing, here’s the answers for this round!

1. curry rice
2. Akido
3. Jan 4th 2011/ Jan 5th 2011
4. Hikoukigumo
5. 48 days
6. Mariko Magazine
7. 25 March 2012
8. Catherine
9. 2 days
10. Takajo Aki Confession
11. Yamada Nana
12. Kage Announcer
13. School does not allow
14. 13.8 years old
15. Daasu
16. 渡邉 麻友

So how do you fair? (^.^)

Do note the last round will begins on 28th July GMT+8 9PM