Takamina Report from Majisuka Gakuen 1

Takamina Report

Hey guys! Kira here today bringing you subs for another awesome video!

This time, it’s the Takamina Report from Majisuka Gakuen 1, as requested by our second place winner from our last UAC, Kraken!

Majisuka Gakuen 3 aired its final episode two weeks ago.  So now, let’s bring back some memories of the original MajiGaku season, shall we?

A look into some behind-the-scenes footage of Majisuka Gakuen 1– and here are your subs!

Translator notes

-Otsukaresama deshita = thank you for the hardwork.
-Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu = please give me your regards/please take care of me
-The reason Nacchu has to sleep with her forehead is because of the ridiculously long time it takes her to fix her big hair.
-Enogu = http://www.aisf.or.jp/~jaanus/deta/i/iwaenogu.htm
-Yankee = delinquent
-Bento = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bento
-Nezumi = Name of Mayuyu’s role in the show.
-Unagi = Name of Kitahara Rie’s role in the show.

We will be uploading a copy of the encoded stream later for those that do not have the video.


[AIDOL]Takamina Report by aidol_stream



Translator: Bochan
Timer: tMx
Typeset : alfredcastle
QC: Ricky
Requested by : Kraken ( UAC 2nd Place Winner )