Design AIDOL’s next version of logo.


Hello everyone, AIDOL is looking for people to make it’s next version of AIDOL logo, AIDOL 5.0. If you are interested please submit them by November 15th.

Yes this is a event, and the prize is a 1830m album theatre ver.( no photos ) with free shipping donated by IAMGUNDAM our editor. If you need information please ask here. ( There might be a case where will not be using any because of Bochan not being satisfied ). It has to be really good as we will be using it a lot.

The theme of the logo will be ” A new start, a new generations “
Here are the requirements

– We will leave the resolution to you but to have it as vector is a bonus.
– If your work is chosen, you will allow us to use it as our next generation logo.
– In the case of no one is chosen, the competition will either restart or end there with us designing it ourself.
– Please mail it to

If you have any questions feel free to ask us here, cbox, facebook or g+.