[AIDOL]NMB48 – Virginity PV (DRAMA Ver)

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Hello everyone , its kino here. Today we present you all with a beautiful yet touching Drama by our beloved idol group NMB48.
Even if its a small dream or a big dream, but in the path to chase our dream we must not forget about our family, be it far or near…

This is a special project that is brought to you by our translator Lotsheep and me Kino. Even most of the staffs did not know about it (0.0)

Even though our work may not be perfect, but we trying to our best to present to you this drama which is in Kansai dialect.

So then, please enjoy NMB48 – Virginity Drama version

Video Information

Original Title: NMB48 –  Virginity (DRAMA Ver.)
Resolution : 1280x720p
Length: 32m00s

NMB48 Virginity Drama Ver.


Credits to:

Translator :  Lotsheep & Bochan
Timming: Kino

Typeset : Kino
QC : Jershua & Bochan