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Hello Everyone (^.^)

I am sure you are expecting this when you see the title and the picture.

YES! The wait is over! Documentary of AKB48 No Flower Without Rain is done!

I must say, even with the credits, the amount of people that had motivated us is too much to count! That is YOU! Currently reading this.

We would like to thank YOU! for supporting us all these while (^.^)

Now without further ado, we present to you DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN

*Note: Please do not use this Sub and ENCODE! We have a better karaoked version encoding and uploading so please do not encode this! 

[AIDOL]Documentary Of AKB48 No Flower Without Rainv2

Translation Notes :

Around ~7 minutes, Mariko-sama was speaking about Acchan graduation. HRPeanuts and the community is kind enough to point it out to us that we got the perspective of the speech wrongly.

We apologised for the inconvenience caused. For those who have watched the documentary here is the correct translation.

We will continue to update this documentary whenever we receive feedback from everyone (^.^)

Thank you!



Video Information

Original Title: DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN 少女たちは涙の後に何を見る 劇場公開版本編.mkv
Resolution : 1280x720p
Length: 02:06:53

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Translators: KudoShinichi, Lotsheep, Bochan, Half-san, KuugaBnD

Timers: KimotoKino, Kira, Ale, Michael Soares

Typesetters: Michael Saores, Alfredcastle, Bochan

Quality Checkers: Jershua, SacredCultivator, Shin, mahousentai

Encoders: SacredCultivator, Mochi-chan, Yukirin

As well as everyone in our family and all of you fans that had supported us!! (^.^)/~