AIDOL updates 23th June 2013

Hello Everyone!

Here is some housekeeping matters I would like to address.
Here are some things you all can look forward to.

Firstly let me say the bad news. Unfortunately due to lack of  interest, we will be dropping the following shows that we have been working on.

– Star Hime Sagashitao
– AKB1/49 in Guam Confession video
– Kousagi Dojo ( Temporary paused after episode 13 )
Therefore if you see any show that is not listed here, we will be continuing them. Yes. Akbingo and Miierino Kashiwagi is still ON!

Also! If you have not noticed, our twitter has been recently active and is currently held by Kira. She has always been active on cbox and now she will be active on twitter. Therefore please do take care of her!

Lastly we have some new videos we would like to work on. At this point of time all I can say is that it’s not AKB48 videos. Ultimately we are idol fansub and not limited to AKB48 so I would like to take this chance to expand on that area!

I would also like to thank you all for supporting us all this while! We hope you continue to support us, if you have any question or suggestion feel free to drop us a message or comment on the chat box at our facebook page here at! (^.^)/~