Mujack 130628 & 130705 (NMB48 Special #1 & #2)


Hello everyone! We bring to you a two-part special of NMB48 in Mujack together with one big birthday celebration for our dearest NMB48 captain Sayanee! With a heart big enough to accomodate all the members under her charge, she’s no doubt the Takamina equivalent of the Osaka branch! Look out also for the heart-to-heart talks of the two leaders in the 2nd part too!

We can’t say enough to appreciate the awesomeness of Sayanee. You go girl! And make the group and your fans proud!

Happy Birthday Sayanee!

[AIDOL]130628 Mujack (NMB48 Special #1)

[AIDOL]130705 Mujack (NMB48 Special #2)


[AIDOL] 130628 Mujack (NMB48 Special) by aidol_stream

[AIDOL] 130705 Mujack (NMB48 Special 2) by aidol_stream

[AIDOL] 130628 Mujack (NMB48 Special)
[AIDOL] 130705 Mujack (NMB48 Special 2)

Translator : Lotsheep
Timer: Half, KimotoKino
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC : Jershua, mahousentai