AIDOL updates 3rd Augest 2013

logo 4.0

Hello Everyone!

Today I ( Bochan ) am here to give you all an update of AIDOL and the recent upcoming things to look ahead to.

Previously we have announced that the website had gone through some changes. As you all know, this website seriously need some update especially with so many new things coming along.

Yukirin and I ( Bochan ) worked out some of these changes and we hope you enjoy them!

Website changes 

– Categories now more organised instead of Miscellaneous all the time.

– Categories now properly separate the release in their different groups.

– Categories now display news and wallpaper

– Facebook bar at the side is gone. ( sadly. )

– Latest news now properly display categories

– Latest release now won’t have categories being messed up and display all the different categories it belongs to

– Confession, design us, forum, newsletter header are now gone because they had been inactive.

– Added facebook header for lost sheeps.

– About page now properly display our active members

For those who are not interested in the website news here are some release news!

So someone said that it is impossible to have AKBINGO! release frequently nowadays…

As we have a few new translators namely : Biondi, Tsunamu, Amakuchi , you can expect faster AKBINGO release ( at least before they burn out ). They are your heros so kudos to them.

As for the rest of us ,we will continue to troll and sub random videos and and of cause more idol group ( we are still deciding what to sub for now ) !!

Lastly, if you have watched our Koisuru Fortune Cookie, thats the part where Yukirin takes over.

As you’ve seen the last couple of days we released the most awesome video ever made in fansubgroup-history of all times. Koisuru Fortune Cookie covering the AIDOL-TEAM. Many of you left a lot comments for participating in another Koisuru Fortune Cookie video just with Fans. Most importantly – if you have the chance to dance and record the video with your friends, do it! Gather together, have a good time. We wanna show everyone how awesome this Fandom is!

 Lets do this. But how do we do this? Here is the masterplan.

1. Record yourself dancing to the KFC – Staff Version

( ) – this is important so we all dance to the same version of the Song.

2. Please Record yourself dancing to the full song, just small bits are way harder to edit.

3. Its fully up to you if you try to dance along seriously or just make goofy stuff like lotsheep did (heck he did crazy stuff, if you’d only know what i saw editing his videopart x.x)

4. Try to not comprimize your video (in sense of re-encoding) to ensure best quality.

5. Upload it somewhere (like google-drive, dropbox or somewhere else)

6. Send us the link to your file via email:, via Facebook message, as Comment, or whatever way you desire along with a message (see 7).

7. Type a short message with your Nickname, your Country, your Oshimen and your Age. (since we haven’t decided which info to put in the video yet)

8. Send in your video BEFORE 20th August 2013, so we can release it along with KFC-Single Release.

I think thats all. Sounds easy? it is easy, belive me. So – on your way folks – dance~~. Yukirin over.