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Hello everyone! Its me KudoShinichi
20 years old, now representing AIDOL Team SKE48 as captain!
The new thing here at AIDOL Fansubs is this blog! Me along with my friends here will be blogging frequently here, please do read the blogs too ok~
We’ll try to write many funny, interesting things and also lots of behind the scenes stuff at a fansubbing group!  Hmmm?  What’s so interesting about some boring fansubbers? Trust me its HUGE fun here at AIDOL Fansubs you know~, and because we are also fans of the 48 group~

If you have any questions, you can ask it here on the comments section and I’ll try to answer all of them!

Also, last week was the staff battle right? Our SKE team have won that battle thanks to your 603 votes! There were more than 1,300 votes which had come in you know! Isn’t that incredible!? We were so close in fight with HKT! But, finally you guys showed us the Sakae power!


As a result, we will be able to bring you a lot of SKE shows in the coming 3 months! First thing is the DVD specials from Magical Radio season 1 ! It will be available in a few hours, so do check that out!!


Now, welcome to “Boring stories about myself” corner~ Where basically I tell boring stuff about myself…
You guys know the Anime Detective Conan? I love that anime so much~ and take my screen-name from there itself you know!
And also, I’m really baka! If I take the baka test I might rank lower than Kawaei you know ^^; LOL So, everyone in our staff calls me “Aho Tantei”…
AKBINGO_conan - Copy
That’s all from tonight’s  “Boring stories about myself“! I’ll bring some more next time too ok~ 😛

Lets talk about our favourite pairings in the 48 group next time ok~ So, all you shippers, tell us in the comment box which members you ship!

That’s all from my blog tonight~ Next week it will be Half-san from Half Assed Subs who will be writing this blog!
Till then, have a great week everyone! Oyasumi peace (^.^)v