First experience | AIDOL Team Blog

Hey guys, Half here.

I just want to let you guys know that the voting is rigged! SKE took some of NMB votes!! THE VOTING IS RIGG- *Souchan drugs Half*

Yeah.. where was I? Oh right. SKE won the AIDOL Team battle. That was such fun participating in it. Even though HKT lost, I have Oshimens in every group anyway so it’s really a win-win situation regardless who wins for me. XD These three months are gonna be great for SKE fans and also for SKE48 because like I said in my first appeal post, a subbed video can help spread a group’s name.

I bet most of you here are in the fandom because you watch a subbed video. I know I did. I still remember my very first idol video. It was October 2005, I was still a freshman in college and one of my seniors showed me this video.

It was a subbed version of Morning Musume’s “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari”. I was blown away. Mesmerized. I’ve listened to Japanese songs before but never has a video captivated me more than Momusu’s JKM. I keep replaying the video over and over again. Mikitty caught my eyes first because she was wearing glasses but my eyes were glued to the last girl who introduced herself. The goddess, Kamei Eri. (As to why she’s my Goddess.. Well, that’s another blog post.. hahaha)

Anyway, that video there started everything. I watched all their subbed appearances on Utaban and their variety show, Hello! Morning. And soon after, I started watching the unsubbed ones. And then I ventured out to other idol groups. With a desire to learn what they say, I decided to learn Japanese. And now here I am, still learning by the way. (Japanese is hard)

So that was my beginning. My first experience with female idols. Even after 8 years, I’m still watching idol videos. I don’t know when I’ll quit watching but right now I’m having the time of my life and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

The next blog post will probably be from the lovely Kiyoko-chan, our resident timer and video editor. But before I end this post, what was your first idol video? What was the first thing that introduced you to idols? And most importantly, was it subbed?

Till next time,