Hai! KiyokoChan desu~~

Nom~~ nom~~ nom~~. Mou~~~  Tabemashitaka? Hai, 23sai, Kiyoko-Chan desu. ヾ(^-^)ノ

Hey everyone. That half dragged me here. Grrr… (; ̄Д ̄)

Anyway, Intro… Intro… Yes…

I’m Kiyoko Chan. I don’t remember how I got my name but it was long ago. A gamer, geek, loves to cook and eat. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

My Kami oshi is Matsui Rena and I love SKE! SKE SAIKYO!  I started getting in the Idol fandom quite late about end of 2012. I knew AKB before but wasn’t interested till I came across some JDramas. Came across Saba doru (staring Mayuyu as herself). I went to research who is she which lead me to Majisuka Gakuen.


From there Matsui Rena who played Gekikara caught my eye. When to researched about her and here character was sooooo different! It’s something about her that caught my heart.
Then from there I jumped into the 48group bandwagon.

Back to AIDOL,
I’m AIDOL’s resident Timer and video editor for the last AIDOL Staff Battle Event. I joined AIDOL recently about few months ago. How I got into the team? Hi… Mi.. Tsu~~ 😛
I’ve made new friends, have a good laugh and of course to share the fandom of some Idols.
Been timing some episodes of AKBingo and will time some SKE episodes that we proposed in the event. We will bring you much SKE love. There will be more SKE shows coming your way!

About the promo videos, Thank you every one for supporting us and I hope those videos was able to hype you guys up! It was addictive and at the same time fun to make those videos for the event.(I cant stop watching my own videos at first too, lol). I’m still learning After Effects for more video effects so that I can bring great videos to you guys if we ever announce anything.

I guess that’s all from me for now. Next blog update would be someone else. Not sure who but stay tuned!

Here’s my cat. Taiga  (^・ω・^ )