BUROGUDAAAA~!? =D [heart] (^^)/ d(>o

Hey everyone, I’m Ricky and have been a qc here at Aidol since the last few months of 2011… it’s been so long I can’t even remember. I haven’t really written on a blog before so it might be boring, but even if you hate my blog post, don’t hate Aidol. Anyway, since this is the first blog post and I haven’t really interacted with our followers I’ll start by introducing myself.

As mentioned above my name is Ricky, and it’s not short for Ricardo or anything, just Ricky. I have a chinese background and can speak a bit of canto and mando, but to be honest, I choose not to speak it unless I absolutely have to (Tehepero ;p). I also know a little Japanese since I learnt it during high school. Currently, I’m living in Australia but one day hope to move to Japan so I can be closer to my idols =D.

So, I first started becoming interested in idols when I stumbled across an image of Suzuki Airi from C-ute. This was all the way back when I was in year 10, so about 6 years ago. After seeing the image I searched around and found out about Hello! Project. Fan boy mode SUTAAATOOOOOOOO~

A few years later in 2011, I was having lunch with my friend who was into AKB and so he pulled out his psp to show me a game, which was the first game from AKB. After playing a few hours I started becoming interested and looked up videos about AKB which got me into shows like AKBINGO!

Naturally, from watching AKBINGO! I found out about Aidol and on one of their release they were asking for some qc. From that I started thinking that I wanted to help spread the awsomeness of AKB to the english community and so I signed up.

The first member I really took notice of was Miichan. She was really interesting to watch during AKBINGO! and she just seemed to stand out from the rest. But as time went on I started knowing more members and sister groups that I feel like I’ve become MD.

Talking with the other members, they asked for bewbs and lots of it. So here are some nice pics I recently saved….douzou

(if you want the full res pic just ask ^^)

Shibata Aya =D

I only recently started to know about her =s

Natsuu, so fresh


Suumerodi~ There’s more where this came from


Minrun and Seira from jyanken, yukarun was so close ><







A high angle shot <3



Thats all for today coz i don’t want to be responsible for the sudden increase in blood noses

I tried having members from a variety of groups and I’m truly sorry for not including NMB, I’ll have some prepared for you next time though