Yossha ikuzo!! | AIDOL Team Blog

We’ve stopped doing this just weekly, so when someone will post will from now on be unpredictable!?

Days, minutes, hours, years… okay, that last one isn’t so likely!

Born in the Netherlands, actually still living there even..!
Tomotsu here! 2*coughthreecough* years old and one of the translators.
Also a dancer, (self-proclaimed) singer and a lot of other things I enjoy doing~!

I would love to tell you who my nr. 1 oshimen is, but even up to today I can’t just pick one!  (>人<;)
That said, it’s really just between the girl that has brought me to AKB.
And the former Team B captain that’s always been watching over her.
Yes, I’m talking about these two.


Who is your oshimen?  And if you’re able to explain it, can you say why? ^-^

[Janken Tournament]
The other day the fourth Janken tournament has taken place!!  (≧∇≦)o
The 33rd single has been revealed! Heart Ereki!
With a surprising Kojipa “Michelle” as center!

Their new names are pretty surprising, I actually like them though!
I wonder if they got to pick out their names themselves or not~

But more importantly,
I’m sure you’re already updated by now, but Jurina has become center!
Without MaYuki, Jurina was the girl I was rooting for so I’m very excited!
Who were you rooting for?


This is probably the least interesting part, but! How did I get into AIDOL?

I’ve been learning Japanese for several years already, and repeatedly a friend gave me links of Shoujiki Shougi. Then one day, I was given a playlist with all of the subbed AKBingo episodes and even got my otouto (younger brother) in it!

But my otouto barely speaks Japanese right now, and when you’re really into something together you want them to enjoy everything too right?

So for that reason, I decided I would sub the unsubbed eps by myself.  But it was so much work by myself! Like, amazingly so.  And then I came across it, a post on AIDOL saying they still could use more Translators.

I gave them a preview of my translation work and they accepted me. ヽ (≧ω≦)ノ

It’s probably getting long now, so I’ll stop here, haha!

Remember, if you have any questions about any of us, always feel free to ask! It helps us think of topics too!

With that said,