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Sae, Takamina, Mayuyu


Past sunday (22 Sept) on Facebook, we held a short Q&A Corner and I figured I would sum up the questions and answers here!

Along with some questions answered in the few days that I haven’t been able to put this together (lol).

If you have any questions, feel free to message us any time!


Q: Are you still subbing Mieriino Kashiwagi?

Bo-chan: Yes, we are still subbing Mieriino Kashiwagi and a lot of them are on their final stages. However we have some episode QC stuck or timing stuck here and there

Q: Will you continue Kousagi Dojo?

Bo-chan: Nope, not until someone volunteer to sub it (^.^)

Q: Which projects are on the top of the priority list usually?

Bo-chan: SKE magical radio and AKBINGO currently.

Q: Why is the “Miscellaneous” category on the site still empty, better yet, what the category suited into the that category? isn’t a short video clip like Theater’s MC Hillary’s English class and Kaotan Ichikomeda fit the category?

Bo-chan: Actually Miscellaneous category is more for non-48 family related release but it has not happened till now

Q: I’m one of the few that really loves the Aidol Insider that you’all used to do, and it sound quite selfish (you all still busy with SKE month)..is there any chances to publish that EVER again?

Bo-chan: We decided that rather than spending time to design and write content, we focus on fansub (>.<) any suggestion how we can revive this back?

Q: Since SKE48 has won the battle, will you sub 1+1 wa 2 janai yo?

KudoShinichi: If you would message us with the episode which you wanted, we will think of taking subbing it into consideration. Thank you

Q: Can we get the Shibuya Deep A Matsui Rena subtitles first?? I heard there is some deadly stuff Rena said that will make all SKE48 fans and Rena-oshi going crazy… XP

KudoShinichi: Because the whole episode is 1 hour long, and Rena’s contents are only about 7 minutes out of that, we might not be subbing the entire episode, but we will take Rena’s content compilations into consideration.

Q: Will you sub any stuff from graduated members ?

Bo-chan: Hrm. Not as for now as we have alot of projects :(

Q: Will you be subbing MCs (for example, Tokyo Dome?)

Tomotsu: I personally enjoy the MCs a lot, so I might just pick them up some time. Although I’m saying so, it likely won’t be real soon due to all kinds of projects that are going on already.

Q: Aidol-san, will you translate musume ni ikaga? I love that show very much

Bo-chan: I am thinking if I should!

Q: Will you guys sub Kyoto Irodori Nikki? It seems interesting

Bo-chan: Not as for now! :)

Q: Will you guys sub kyoto bi nero from ep1?

Bo-chan: No, I don’t think so

Q: Why are you not focusing on more recent episodes rather than the old ones?

Ale: We plan to translate ALL the (non-translated) AKBingo episodes and we’re doing them in order.

Q: Is there any chance to sub shows from another idol group beside 48fam?

Bo-chan: Yes definitely. Not now as we are busy with SKE! >.< busy busy

Q: What made you start the Aidol Staff Battle and will you hold another event after the three months are over?

Bo-chan: What made me start it? Erm. Because I said NO too much. LOL. Probably will be a yearly event.

Q: When will you get to recent AKBingo episodes?

Tomotsu: We’re continuing to go through them in a chronological order, I can’t promise you any date