kino dessssu~~~

Hello guys kino dessu~~~~~

It my first time in my life trying to writing a blog xD

It might suck a bit so bear with me

When I first joining aidol it was a first experience for me ^^ meeting other g48 fan .

Just to realize how I know only a little about idol, they open my eyes with many thing. For this past few month I am with aidol everyone nice to me  ^^ I am happy with that they help me translating pv and some vid that I want to understand .

I am really like to make a sub version of pv despite what g48 they represent it give me some kind of happiness feeling when I can share it with everyone ~~~~ :3 . even it a bad one from me not from g48 LOL :v

My kami oshi is no one than yokoyama yui :3 I really like the way she smile :3 and she really got many potential in her that should be brought to all ~~


And my other oshi is all in nm48 group mostly team N but still knowing other team too ~~~~



Like them too guys ~~~~~

Ok that enough from me , hope you all like my rambling ~~~