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Itsumo kokoro ni? PIISU! 16-year old, Kizaki Yuria oshi, Kira desu~ (´・ω・`)


This is my first Aidol blog entry (late~ late~ late~)

Well then… where to start…

Hello, I’m Kira. I also go by xevikira or gekikira (^^)

I’m a team timer and also the youngest among the staff (hence being called “loli” :v)

But I’ve been with the team for quite a while now, since September 2011

Since then I’ve met a lot of cool people and been able to share how much I love our idols with everyone.

It’s always lots of fun 😀

My idol story is kind of out-of-nowhere.

I got into the 48-group around late 2010/early 2011. Those years, I was really into K-Pop and visual kei so my reaction to AKB48 was the usual “ugh never gonna like them how can snsd even be compared to them.” But after a fanartist I follow started drawing a bunch of KojiYuu and posting KojiYuu clips on her blog, I became more and more interested in the group til eventually I went from watching kojiyuu clips -> fangirling over sae -> watching majisuka gakuen -> fangirling over sae some more -> fawning over yukirin -> fangirling over mayuyu -> AKBINGO -> wow who is this girl -> OMG SHE’S SO FUNNY -> AWW CUTIE ;w; -> discovering my oshimen.

And so, for the past three years or so, my AKB48 oshimen has been this girl right here. Minegishi Minami.


Since then, I was able to grow to love AKB48 and see a lot of  qualities in them that I found really unique and admirable~ ^^

Towards the end of last year, I got sucked into another black hole…… by the name of SKE48.

I’ve been into SKE48 a lot since that day, and even now they still have this way of making my days a lot brighter. I’m especially glad that for the next few months, we have the chance to bring you guys subs for some of their great shows!!

Many of the members have impacted me and made me smile through their different personalities (maybe I’ll write about my favorite things about each one in a blog post some other time. Toooo long to elaborate now :P) But here are two members that I  really really love!

1. Oshimen: Kizaki Yuria


Favorite traits: Roundness, thoughtfulness, levelheadedness, smile, acting skills

2. ♥: Mukaida Manatsu

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 9.57.56 PM

Favorite traits: My-paced, simplicity, stage charisma, ideal wife, smile…



That’s all for now~

Thank you for all the support you’ve given us until now!

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask us^^

Til next time~~

I’m not sure who it’ll be but,

Please stay tuned for the next staff blogger!! (^-^)/