Tower~ Desu Yoroshiku

Hai Minna! Tower desu ~~~~~

Hello everyone, Tower here. This is going to be my first blog post! (^.^)/


So how do I start…..

Well like I said, my nickname is tower….

I chose that name because I’m very tall (190cm) and because I couldn’t think of anything on the spot….

If anyone got any suggests let me know XD



There is not much to me actually; I’m a university student that loves idols…Umm… I also go to work… in my program you go to school for a couple of months then you work to get experience for a couple of months…. then back to school….Here’s a picture of where I work!


O.O < —- my face the first time I arrived….


So anyways, a couple months ago I became a Timer for Aidol. Originally, I was a golden ticket winner, so basically my job was to yell out iiiiiiii neeeee ~~~~~ in the Aidol chat when I saw a picture I liked. I have been a fan of Aidol for a very long time so I was happy with just doing that all day XD While in Aidol I’ve made a lot of new friends and shared great discussions with everyone. Later on, my sensei ~ offered to teach me how to time and I gladly accepted…. so here I am now.


Hmmm…. So I guess I’ll talk a bit about my experiences with idols. For me it started 3 years ago, around that time, I felt life was tough and that everything was against me.  I was at my limits with life, I just wanted to give up. And then… I watched my first AKB video (it’s no longer on youtube now), but I actually thought nothing of it at first. Just some girls dancing, but little did I now that my life was going to be changed ~~~ After watching that first video, slowly youtube kept recommending me Akb videos and the more I watch the more they recommended. I started to learn more and more about these girls and the more I learned the more it affected me.  How did they affect me? Well let me start by saying this…To be straight up honest with you all…These girls are not perfect…. they still had a long way to go…. but… but…. That’s why I wanted to support them….i felt a connection between them. I’m FAR from perfect… but I wanted to succeed in life to… and see these girls work so hard to reach their dream, made me want to do the same.  Long story short… I made it to where I wanted to be  (^.^)/ …. And I have AKB to thank!

So talking about AKB itself I was and still am a Amina Fan!! There a lot to love about her but I’m going to save that post for another time. TEAM AMINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Support! Please Support!

01 - 2

Anyways aside from Amina and a few others I’m actually a BIG SKE Fan! SKE SKE SKE SKE SKE!!!!! So how did my love to SKE Start? Well when I was still young in the fandom I already knew a bit about Ske before because of Majisuka Gakuen (Dance was like my second favorite character) but I was to overwhelm with AKB to even start with SKE at the time.  Things changed on my Birthday.That day my brother surprised me with acquiring getting the 2011 Request Hour (I didn’t know H!O existed back then so I was like :O ) When we watched the concert together I heard for the first time Ookami to Pride, when I watched the performance I was thinking “Oh my god!  Dance (Back then I called Kumi as “dance”) and another girl (I didn’t know back then that Yuria was the queen of roundness), was EXTREMELY cute >.> and the performance was also EXTREMELY CUTE >.>. So on that day I decided to take a step into the SKE fandom and I never returned since! Maybe I’ll talk more about that another time, there a lot I can say about SKE….

Well this post is getting long….. If you read up to here so far then Thanks!!!! Here’s a pat on the head

(  ^.^)/ (your head here)!


Before ending this long post I’ll quickly tell you who’s my KamiOshi ~~~ If you look down you’ll see her

Oshi Towel Aya~~

It’s Shibata Aya!!!!!! (^.^)/ You could imagine how happy I was after this year’s Senbatsu Sousenkyo~~~

Guess I’ll talk about the election on another post~

Same with how I feel about my Oshi’s, in another time~

This has already gotten way to long ~~~

Thanks for reading everyone!!!!  Next time I’ll either talk more about my oshi’s / Favorite members or my SKE story~~~