131005 SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night Episode 1

131004 SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night ep01.mp4_snapshot_20.26_[2013.10.13_21.56.43]

Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

I would like to present to you…Ebi-Friday Night! 😀

For those who don’t know, this is a new show that aired for SKE48, and it’s suuuper interesting!!

I guess most of you have seen previews for this show via forums, tumblr, or even watched it raw already.

But it’s okay! As we bring you the subs for this show so you can enjoy it fully!

On a separate note, I would like to give special thanks to KudoShinichi for always checking my translations and filling in missing lines. (Yes I’m a bad translator :P) Give a shout out to KudoShinichi (and of course the other staff that worked on this so it could be rushed out) if you like the subs and want us to continue subbing them!


[AIDOL] 131004 SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night EP 01 von aidol_stream


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Credits to:

Translator: Amakuchi

Timer: KimotoKino

Typeset: Michael Soares

QC: Ricky, Jershua