A letter to the fans about our future – an AIDOL with ads


Hello Everyone!

There has been much debate within the staffs over the years ever since AIDOL has been created over this issue. Right now my stand for this is that we will have NO advertisment and NO force donation.

Our servers are proudly sponsored by Moonflow and website by Akbingo.org.  All we have to do is to pay a few miscellaneous fees like website name.

Without delay, I would like  to talk about today’s main topic *gets serious*

Here at AIDOL we have decided to add adfly to our softsub. 

If you think this is nothing much, we thank you for that.
However whether you are against the idea or for the idea let me list down the reason why we have this change. To many people, it might seems nothing but we take this a very serious matter here at AIDOL.

To have ads have never been cool. However due to the fansub popularity, things have been moving very fast. A Central servers sponsored by Moonflow has been used to store all the project files.

Moonflow indicated that it requires around 50 USD  to store all the data and it have been doing it for free. We here at AIDOL do not take advantage of our partners so we have decided to add in adfly to our softsub and from this month we will try to pay for their server fees.

This is an experimental move which will happen for a month, if it does not work out, this project will be discontinued.

Where will the money go? What about my donations?

50% of the proceeds will go the the server fees and 50% will be used to go to other miscellaneous fees AIDOL will face from time to time. Any unused funds will go to events that will buy and sponsor gifts to you fans! Donations by fans will be put on priority to pay all the miscellaneous fee so any money earn from adfly will go to another bank for fans. Donations will never be used as gifts to other fans unless we write to you and ask you.

So how much will we earn?

Personally ZERO. From adfly you ask? I can not tell but from 1 day of experiment. 25 CENTS. Do the counting. 25cents x 30 = 7.50 USD.It barely scratch anything. It is just an estimate though. We will have another post after a month with the results.

What will happen to you?

Bascially because of adfly in layman terms, you are paying for our subs with not more than 10 second extra of your life. We spend 10 hours per sub, you pay 10 second.

Here I would like to answer some questions that might occur to you,

Many people said that they will pay for subs.

No we will not accept payment for subs so there is no expectation and we want to stay on the legal side.

Advertisement in the website.

No, advertisement are not cool. Having ads on the softsub links are experimental and will be removed in 1 month if it does not work out well.

Force donation to come in or shutdown website.

NO, we will NEVER do that unless till the day I (Bochan) die.

In conclusion, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. This move by us is experimental and will not last if it does not work out well after a month. If it DOES works out well, you may well see events happening with gifts to give everyone! We will be able to help Moonflow ease the payment on the server side. All you have to do is wait 10 more seconds for a sub.


( Producer of AIDOL )