AKB48 Show! episode 01


Hey everyone!!  Tomotsu here!

Today, I have some good news for you!  But before I get to that, although the day is almost over
(sorry for that!)

Yuko oshis! Have you done anything special today? Today (the 17th) is Oshima Yuko’s birthday!!

So today, the 17th marks a celebration for Yuko!

Happy Birthday Yuko!

The 17th also as marks the date for the start of taking up another project!

Starting today AKB48 Show will be subbed (^▽~)b! 

Enjoy the show with a silly opening, 3 of their songs, learning about AKB and more!

And with that said, here is your first episode!

Enjoy ^___^~

– Tomotsu

AKB48 SHOW! Episode 01

I apologize, we had a stream up of it but apparently it is one of the shows that is not allowed.
Please enjoy our subs by downloading the episode properly through one of the torrent sites or similar!
Really, my apologies.

– Tomotsu

Translator: Tomotsu, KudoShinichi

Timer: KimotoKino

Typeset : KimotoKino

QC: Wayne Baker, Michael Soares