Happy Birthday Amina-chan


Hello Everyone,

first of all a very big apology – i couldn’t make it in time for her Birthday – but since its still October 16th in Germany here, i think this is still legit :D.

If you may have followed a long i recently wrote the first fanletter in my life and i sincerly hope it will reach Amina. If you missed it – here you go:


But as you know me – i’m not here to tell you weird stories of my life – eventho i KNOW they amuse you every time. I bring you a project that was actually done between KudoShinichi and me. I asked him kindly if he could translate something for me so i could understand it a while ago. Today after talking with “Team Amina” within AIDOL we thought it would be nice to release it. So we worked it out fast paced. Well i wanna bring you 2 MCs from last years Amina Sato birthday stage. Sadly her last birthday stage within Team B. We wanna show you with this – how precious her time in Team B was – and how emotional Amina can be. Please Enjoy this small release.

Lastly a very big thank you to kino for timing this like a Rocket and of course KudoShinichi for his translating work, i can always rely on.

Please watch it here.

[AIDOL] AKB48 121017 B5 LOD 1900 (Sato Amina… von aidol_stream

[AIDOL] AKB48 121017 B5 LOD 1900 (Sato Amina… von aidol_stream

Thats all for now – please keep supporting our princess~