131012 SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night Episode 2

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Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

Let me bring you the subs for episode 2 of Ebi-Friday Night!

Even though this show is called Ebi-Friday Night, it’s technically aired on Saturday at 2AM in the morning! That’s why there are disparities in the dates of the show. Which date do you think we should follow from now on? Friday or Saturday?

Anyway! Ebi-Friday Night is centered around teaching the SKE48 members more about being an idol, whilst bringing laughter to all of us during the process. This episode’s topic is “Yoisho~!” In other words, it’s flattery! Watch to find out more!

And here’s a special picture to commemorate Kao-tan’s sales of her single “Matsumurabu“!

We’ll continue to bring you more subs for SKE48, so please look forward to them!

P.S. We forgot to introduce our new QC, Wayne, from our previous post! He’ll be working like a machine for us, so please give him a warm welcome!


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Credits to:

Translator: Amakuchi

Timer: xevikira

Typeset: Michael Soares

QC: Wayne Baker, Yukirin