Mieriino Kashiwagi – Episode 9


Hello Everyone,
this is Episode 9 of Mieriino Kashiwagi, and we’re heading slowly towards the end – but we promise to go slowly-fast (?) on the last episodes (Still can’t think of any Amina reference so i’ll just say – Shes absolutly cute! <3)

In this Episode of Mieriino Kashiwagi we learn about that pure tears aren’t an excuse for everything. Yukirin so fell in Love. Kon-chan is an old man getting it on with Sano-sans daughter. And Sano-san is suprised what a hot girl his daughter became!

What is Mieriino Kashiwagi About?
Kashiwagi is someone with a special ability to see the outcomes of couples. However, for someone who is hopeless in love, she doesn’t understand the meaning of happiness in love nor the meaning when love ends in sadness. Sano is the owner of the café and Konno is someone who works at the Café, but in reality they are “Professional Relationship Destroyer”s. Kashiwagi also works at that café and witnesses the relationships of other couples. Through various endings in relationships, some unreasonable, some questionable, Kashiwagi learns “What is love” and “What it means to be in love” and learn about the essence of love which will help her mature.

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[AIDOL] Mieriino Kashiwagi – Episode 9 von aidol_stream

[AIDOL]Mieriino Kashiwagi – Episode 9

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