About fluffy alpacas & photocards


Hi everyone,

QC Momo here, live from rainy germany :3

As some of you may know Yukirin and i are also team member at a german-anime-fan radio named Kibo.FM and this weekend we have done a halloween marathon and Yukirin and i are doing the last nightshift and while we playing music (different 48 group stuff) we were on an auction website (namly ebay) buying photocards and other stuff. (me finally getting a kitarie photocard *^*)

And now we are online in skype – talking to each other about alpacas, opening a shop to sell jpop stuff in germany  – i know we are very full of ideas –

and i had so many ideas for my first post but… T___T i dunno i forgot it all Yukirin will be sad about this post because he was sooooo looking forward to this post.

btw in the meantime we talk about SKE48 … i am scared of our self. now

so next time i/we talk about, how we get into 48-fandom

bye bye – mata ne Momo