My AIDOL Anniversary


Hey Everyone reading this,

i know i’m a bit late with this – but on 2nd November i celebrated my 1st anniversary as an AIDOL Member. I thought i would share some thoughts and memories about that time.

First of all, when i discovered AKB48 in June 2012  (Okay i was former Morning Musume Fan and knew about their existence) I didn’t know i might end up being in a subbing group like AIDOL. You might ask – “why AIDOL?”. When i was looking for another Dorama to watch I ended up giving Majisuka Gakuen a chance. Already after watching just one episode i felt so stupid for not knowing about the references – like “Unagi” or “Wota” for example. So I started asking questions “who is this girl?” “Why is this and that their nickname?!” because the translation Notes made me curious. So i started downloading and watching AKBINGO! at first i thought “my is that stupid” … but after a few episodes i was addicted. And within a few weeks i catched up on 200+ AKBINGO. This kinda led to the fact I liked AIDOLs Facebook page. And when the annoucement came AIDOL is looking for QCs and other jobs, I applied. I never thought i’d even get a reply and after a few days i was in. That marks 2nd November 2013.

I only had little experience in subbing when i joined but still tried my best. One day Bo-chan steped up and asked me if i can try to be active in a chatroom and talk to the other members – because AIDOL this far was way too unpersonally. Just names on a page what came grabbed work and they were gone again. He wanted to change that – since i didn’t know how to react, i just started chatting.


It may sound strange to you – but this started something that changed everything it seems. Our Team-chat currently almost reached 300.000 messages. From that point on we started talking to each other – and after a while we got used to it and we got to know each other better. There have been hilarious quotes and lots of new words we created in this whole year. Maybe I’ll show you some of them in another posting.

So the first thing i did was QCing AKBINGO – and I’m honest with you all – I’m not good at QCing at all. But then… Request Hour 2013 was coming up – and i suprised everyone with that Eventpage you all may remember with the Chat and the Stream and i was like begging to everyone to participate – since we could get in touch with you all. So yeah we did – and the event was a success.

You all may remember the final day – me and ShinichiKudo were sticking with all of you until the end – and i carried him along with me permanently hoping for “Banzai Venus” to appear… but it didn’t. You all know the rest of the Story. That time I already felt that I got really close with the Team. We all saw how happy you were, when we did the annoucements after the Event – Shin and me picking up Mieriino Kashiwagi (Sorry that still isn’t done yet :/ )

After this, in February the most unexpected for me happenend. Boss promoted me to be the General Manager of AIDOL. I didn’t know why – and i’m still questioning it why it had to be me. From that point on a plenty of things changed. We all post up our releases in Person by now. The whole team does communicate with you all and is always trying to be here for you all. Also we have this team blog now. Everything we do we come up and decide it as a team working hand in hand every day.


Of course even I have up and downs – it ain’t easy as Sou-chan to take care of everything aside of your Real Life (yeah sometimes i feel i have one) – but still everyone considers me, asking for help etc. that really makes me feel i’m important. I think i aknowledged that Team team felt its Unity in the past year – since we can do everything together.If you’d only know what stupid stuff we come up with all the time – Fortune Cookie Video is the best example, and this was only the beginning! But afterall we are just a bunch of Ahos! We still have a few suprises prepared for you – and hopefully we will have the guts to show you all.

Just recently I randomly added Arifer ( – Check out his tumblr he rocks! ) and he was telling me that i’m already a big name in our circles after i told him that I’m Yukirin from AIDOL. I didn’t even know I have something like fame at all.

I can’t tell you everything that happened in this past year – but it was the BEST year i had – and i’m thankful to everyone in AIDOL. I’d like to direct some words to some special people i wanna thank among the Team.

Bo-Chan: Thank you very much for accepting my Application 1 year ago. I’m really happy to be in this Team – I’m proud of what we have achived in the past year. Thank you 1000 times! I’ll never forget that – I owe you so much.

ShinichiKudo: Shin – I really don’t know how to put it in a few words. But I wanna say a enormous Thank you to you as well. You encouraged me as Sou-chan and also to pick up Mieriino Kashiwagi, eventho we still work on it – I could improve myself with working on it. Thank you for all the Conversations even till late night and thank you for always answering my stupid questions, helping me out with translations. I can never do anything that would make up for it – the only thing i can say is THANK YOU! Also thank you for making me an Amina Oshi!

Kino: Another person among the Team I really want to thank. He was always there for me when i felt sad or i had trouble in solving a problem. Also I’m thankful for everything he did for me and if it was only doing Timing for some silly request i had. I still may not know who is behind that name, but it doesn’t matter to me – Thank you for being Kino.

Tsunamu: That guy with the 100 screennames. Along with Mr.Wayne or Wayuyu we are the only people form Europe among the Team. I wanted to say Thank you for helping me out on my Letter to Amina, I was hesitating to even try writing a fan letter to her, but everyone was so helpful and you helped me out with the translation. A big thank you for this!!

Michael Soares: Mikey, I wanna thank you for holding my hand when i did my first steps on Mieriino Kashiwagi in sense of Timing and Typsetting. (HA GAAAAY!). I know it wasn’t easy in the beginning – but still Thank you for helping me that time!

Half-san: Uncle – i had to name you here. I’d like to say thanks to you for just being you – making us laugh with your stuffs and also for taking on “that project with the pole dancing girls”. You are that type of guy you can really do all the stupid stuffs with. Thank you for being here!

Wayne: Eventho we don’t know each other for a long time now… Mate you are awesome! I had so much fun in our conversations lately and i’m already fearing the things AIDOL’s WaYuki will come up with. I’m looking forward to go all crazy with you in Japan.

Also i’d like to thank everyone else for their hard work in the past 12 monthes. We all rocked that year so hard I’d like to invite you a big party if you’d all live next door but at least lets have a big virtual party in the chatroom after this!

–Yukirin your Sou-chan~

(Picture Credits to: hanabiratachi48)