AKB48 Show! Episode 3


Roll call~! 0! 1! 2! 3! 4! I want you~

I’m sorry for this totally late release! There have been things going on, with members falling sick and other personal circumstances (sorry!).

But lets ignore the bad things and enjoy the good things~!  A special thanks to MahouShoujoAri for allowing us to use her subs/translation for the SKE skit~!

For even more SKE goodies please visit MahouShoujoAri’s tumblr ~

I know we haven’t uploaded the hardsubbed version of episode two in the past either, so while we are at it. You can find it here when it’s ready! ^^

Anyway, I know you have been waiting a long time so I won’t make this much longer~

Enjoy as Takamina, Renacchi, Mayuyu, Paruru and Ricchan mess up a roll call!  Watch how Ricchan receives a private lecture from General Manager Takamina!

And as usual, follow the “highly intense” class that this time has “Sister groups” as thema!

With that said, enjoy~!

– Tomotsu


Translator: KudoShinichi, Tomotsu, MahouShoujoAri, Amakuchi

Timer: Ale, Alfredcastle

Typeset : Michael Soares

QC: Mayuyu, Ashley D.


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Stream [episode 2]:

[AIDOL] 131012 AKB48 SHOW! ep02 by aidol_stream

Stream [episode 3]:

[AIDOL] 131019 AKB48 SHOW! ep03 by aidol_stream