SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 Episode 11


A huge incident occurs tonight on Magical Radio!
Many detectives appear to solve this mystery!
Will they be able to find all the clues and solve the case!?
And will Rena be coming back the Radio station yet!?

There are many interesting characters that the members will be portraying in this episode. I’ve written about these characters below the subs and video links!
Please do read it if you’re interested in finding out what characters they were imitating.


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Edogawa Conan :
Kizaki Yuria appears as Conan-kun from Detective Conan. The brilliant high school detective who has been shrunk down to a little kid, but can still solve even the most puzzling cases!
But… There’s something wrong! Yuria still has the brain of a child! Now how will she solve the cases!?

Toma Saya :
Toma Saya is a detective belonging to the Unsolved Crimes Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department, played by Toda Erika in the drama Keizoku 2 : SPEC. The team solves difficult cases with the help of their special abilities and incredible intelligence.
Detective Toma Saya, who for some reason she always carries a suitcase with her and left hand in a sling, cracks the mystery like how Kumi does it in this episode.

Sugishita Ukyo :
Inspector Sugishita Ukyo is a calm and level headed police officer in the drama Aibou. Along with his partner in the Investigation Division 1 of the MPD, rookie detective Tooru Kai who is more energetic and impatient, solve difficult cases which come to them.

Furuhata Ninzaburo :
Furuhata Ninzaburo is a detective who helps police officers to solve mysteries of cases which they can’t crack. He quickly spots clues which gets overlooked by the police, and corners the criminal with his deductions.

Kindaichi Kousuke:
Kindaichi Kousuke from Yokomizo Seishi’s novels is a brilliant detective who solves even of the most difficult locked room mysteries like a piece of cake. The novels have been dramatized into many movies and dramas, also starring Inagaki Goro, Sakai Masato and Yamashita Tomohisa.

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Translator: KudoShinichi

Timer: Michael Soares

Typeset: Michael Soares

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