SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 Episode 12 (FINAL)

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Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

Finally~ We have come to the end of season 2! Even though we took so long to complete the season, we have finally finished! 😀

In this episode, we find out the mastermind who’s responsible for chasing Rena all over the world! A conclusion was also drawn for the love triangle between Shawako, Akane and Wakachin! Watch it now to find out more!

The picture above is a small tribute to Jurina for winning the Janken Taikai Tournament! (Okay I lied, I just found that picture really funny XD)

We’ll continue to release more subs for SKE48, so please look forward to them!


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Translator: Amakuchi

Timer: KimotoKino

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: Ricky, Mayuyu