131101 SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night Episode 05

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Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

Finally! We bring you episode 5 of Ebi-Friday Night!

I must first apologize for this late release (m_ _m) For the past few episodes, the staffs working on Ebi-Friday Night had been pushing themselves real hard to release the episodes ASAP, but I didn’t manage to do it for this episode as I was too busy :(

Nonetheless, this does not mean we will discontinue Ebi-Friday Night! So, please bear with our slow releases for the weeks to come!

This episode’s theme is ‘Adult’! From innocent ‘stains’ to prowling panthers, you’ll get to see many new sides of SKE! Argh, Okubo-P! What are you doing to SKE!?

We’ll continue to bring you more subs for SKE48, so please look forward to them!

P.S. Rock~kun was our timer, who was previously known as Tower! Want to know why he changed his name? Check out his blog to find out! 😛 (Why are there so many name changes nowadays :O)


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Credits to:

Translator: Amakuchi

Timer: Rock~kun

Typeset: Michael Soares

QC: Mayuyu , mahousentai