[News] NMB48 to appear on Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2013


Its here.

NMB48 is slated to appear as a stand alone group during the 64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen on New Year’s Eve 2013. This implies that they would be the 3rd group in the AKB48 Group to perform on the show as a solo entity, after making this appearance bid as their promotional slogan for the better part of the year.

Having missed out on their opportunity in 2012, they had made it their declared goal to perform on that stage this time round. As proof of their determination, the album jacket for their 1st album Teppen Tottande! released earlier this year features the NHK Hall in the scenery background, where the annual show is held.

Teppen Tottande


Similarly, during their final show of their Eastern Japan concert tour held in the same NHK hall earlier this year, Team N captain Yamamoto Sayaka made a declaration that “we would continue to run hard and fast so that we may return to this place once more”, as a promise to their fans.


This passion of theirs is not mere empty words; their popularity is also reflected in their sales numbers, having made the top place in the Oricon charts with their album Teppen Tottande in the first half of the year, their singles records 4 consecutive top place in the Oricon weekly charts too since last August’s Virginity to the recent Kamonegix
Source : Yahoo News

There certainly is a lot to look forward to with these girls shining brightly on stage. On the other hand, there has been no news about what song(s) are they going to perform on stage thus far, and are open to speculation. Some say their hit title Teppen Tottande would be first choice, others prefer a more lively dance item like Nagiichi or Bokura no Eureka.

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