SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 Episode 7

Magical Radio 7_final
Tonight for Takayanagi Akane’s birthday special! We bring you Episode 7 of Magical Radio Season 3!!
In this episode, Yuria gets scouted to become a Fashion Model!
But! First she has to compete with a well-established fashion model Akarin!
What is going to happen in the Paris Collection!? Will Yuria leave Magical Radio to become a fashion model!?
Only one way to find out!
Also, welcome our new translator Shino-chan~ She will be working with us on Magical Radio~
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SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 Episode 7

Credits to:

Translator: Shino & KudoShinichi

Timer: Kiyokochan

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: mahousentai, Mayuyu