SKE48 Sekai Seifuku Joshi Season 2 Episode 18

Last week, 2 SKE48 members, 6th Gen KKS, Kitahara Yuuna and Team S member Niidoi Sayaka announced Graduations.
And, today the graduation performance will be taking place on Team S stage for Niidoi Sayaka.
And, we would like to release this episode of Sekai Seifuku Joshi 2 where Niidoi Sayaka has been given the charge of MC for a casual walk around in Nagoya’s Endouji-machi Shopping Street.
Not having much experience in doing an MC for a TV show, she tries her best to make it an enjoyable show as she learns the skill of MC even if its just a little bit.
We want to wish both the graduating members the very best in life so that they can make all their dreams come true, with always an abundance of smiles.
Please watch, SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi Season 2, Episode 18 :


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SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi Season 2 Episode 18

Credits to:

Translator: KudoShinichi

Timer: Rock~kun

Typeset: Michael Soares

QC: Mayuyu, Yukirin

And I clearly can’t thank the staff members enough, who have co-operated to work on this episode at such short notice. You guys are really awesome! 😀

Also, our team mate, Timer staff : Rock~kun, whose oshimen was Sayaka, has something to say on her graduation.

Hi Rock~Kun here. For those who don’t recognize me…. It’s me Tower! I just changed my name! For those who still don’t know me… Oh well XD!! I’m working on it! Hopefully sooner or later people will know me!
So today’s the day… Niidoi Sayaka’s… PenPen’s… graduation day. For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, PenPen is a 5th generation SKE member that I have been supporting for a while. At one point it was almost safe to say I oshihened to her (which I didn’t… I’m talking you Half). Even though that didn’t happen PenPen was one of the members I wanted to support to the top, enough to rival my kamioshi!
It was terrific watching her grow from a KKS to a Team S member, to eventually even getting into the senbatsu. There was lots to love about PenPen, she had such a strong stage presence, as well as one of the most unique personalities in SKE (watch the video you will understand), and she can always make you smile by just being herself.
I personally loved her as an idol, and this graduation is a tough one for me… But I want to thank everyone that has been giving me support during this time! You guys are all great comrades! I also want to thank all my friends who help get this sub created in such a short amount of time for me. I had a great time timing this videoand I hope everyone who knows PenPen really enjoys it. And for those who don’t, I hope you see what a great idol PenPen was and how she was always able to put a smile on my face. So please enjoy ep 18 of sjo season 2, were PenPen takes a MC role! ~~ And to PenPen, Study Hard! And Thank You for being a great idol~~
With much Love~~