[News] NMB48 Yamada Nana lands acting role in upcoming drama to air in early 2014

Yamada Nana

Yamada Nana
Her dream was to become an actress. Now she is offered a chance to take a momentous leap in that direction.

Well loved among fans for her distinct nasal-blocked voice and a self-mutilating sense of humour, NMB48 1st Generation member Yamada Nana has been with the popular idol group since its formation in 2010. Her unique “fail-joke” character and a willingness to put herself in the butt of jokes has helped propel herself into the top ranking members of the NMB48.
This time round, she finally lands a drama acting role apart from the group.

The drama
Set to air in 9th January next year, the drama, Isharyou Bengoshi~ Anata no Namida, Okane ni Kaemashou (lit. Compensatory Attorney~ Let us turn your tears into cash), starring Tanaka Naoki of comedy combi Kokoriko, is a one-shot legal drama set around the troubles of love and the monetary compensation suits surrounding the cases. Tanaka plays a sharp-tongued attorney who puts his clients’ well-being first, despite having an indifference to monetary possessions.
The other members of the cast includes Yada Akiko who plays a housewife who works at the the attorney office, Watanabe Naomi who plays a freelance investigator who aspires to be a professional spy, and of course, NMB48 Yamada Nana who plays a staff member in the local cafe.

We don’t know how much screen-time Nana would receive, but for us here, no amount is too much for our favourite idols who works hard in chase of their dreams. We wish her the very best and holds our breath in anticipation of some heartwarming moments perhaps?

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Source: Oricon News