SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 Episode 8

Magical Radio 8_final1
In this episode of Magical Radio!
The radio station is attacked by zombies! Even the members are turning into zombies one after the other!
But its not only the radio station! Entire Nagoya has been infested by zombies!
How did such a thing happen!?
Its now upto Yurijovovich to save the world from these zombies!! How will she do it!?
Is there actually any way out!?
Also, you guys might remember we asked you to vote for your favourite teams during a staff challenge. It has been 3 months since SKE has won that, so from now you will get to see HKT and NMB episodes which we will be working on!
And nothing to worry about Magical Radio and Ebi Friday Night. We’ll continue it and complete both of those till the last episode.
As always, thank you for supporting SKE! Please keep supporting SKE from here onwards too~

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SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 Episode 8

Credits to:

Translator: Shino

Timer: alfredcastle

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: mahousentai, Mayuyu