Mechaike Sports Festival 2 hours SP


Just like Yuko, we’re all making victory poses here at the AIDOL team. Thanks to the staff for contributing and sacrificing their own time to bring you this Mechaike Sport Festival special in 20 days!

A special thanks to:
KudoShinichi, even though he was busy with his SKE48 stuff
Lotsheep, even though he’s in the middle of his final examinations
Yuitsu, even though he has his hand full with real life work and his trip preparations
Amakuchi, for giving us his last spare time before going off into the woods for 2 years
AlfredCastle, typesetter extraordinaire. He’s the reason why everything is so pretty
Mayuyu, Ricky, and mahousentai: Without them, you guys would be seeing Kitarie doing High Humping instead of High Jumping.
Souchan Yukirin, who is making it downloadable through a certain torrent site that shall not be named. 😉

And because we’re awesome we bring you not one, but TWO softsubs that will fit whichever length of video you have. There’s the 1:33:15 version and the longer 1:35:08 version. If anyone complains about the timing in the videos don’t match up with the subs and I found out you download the wrong one, I will go all Mayurage and smack you.

** A friendly note to add, we would like to request to everyone to please re-direct your friends and viewers to this page instead of re-posting the subtitle online or re-encoding and posting to youtube or other video sites. Please let us know if you find such incidences as well. Your help would be greatly appreciated 😀 **

(For 1:33:15 file)
(For 1:35:08 file)

The stream is divided into 2 parts and is encoded from the 1:33:15 version. If anyone wants the 1:35:08 version to be encoded do it yourself.

Stream part 1:

[AIDOL] 131116 Sports Festival SP (Part1) by aidol_stream

Stream part 2:

[AIDOL] 131116 Sports Festival SP (Part2) by aidol_stream

Credits to:
Translator: Half, KudoShinichi, Lotsheep, Yuitsu, Amakuchi
Timer: Half
Typeset : AlfredCastle
QC: Mayuyu, Ricky, mahousentai