Mayuyu – A very delayed introduction

Hello everyone!

For those of you that haven’t already seen my name about, I’m the newest QC on the AIDOL team. I joined a couple of months ago and I feel that I’ve settled in now so I wanted to introduce myself to you all!

I’m the only chap from England in the team, so English is my first and only language (but I am trying to learn Japanese). If you haven’t already guessed Mayuyu is my kami-oshi, I don’t really have a ranking for the other idols I follow, but I’m a big fan of the following: Murashige, Non, Paruru, Yukirin, Akarin (SKE), Jurina, Sayanee, Yuihan and Myao – I should probably add that I have quite the passion for twintails, so any member with twintails is going to get some love from me too. I like to think I’m friendly and approachable so if anyone ever wants to you can message me on Tumblr – bonus points for being a fellow British idol fan.

As a massive fan of Mayuyu the last month has been absolutely incredible for me, I saw the news about the 2-shot event that will be held next year and decided I’d try my luck at getting a 2-shot with Mayuyu… expecting nothing to happen I signed up and got my application in… A short while after the lotto draw was made for this and I got the email saying I was successful in my application! I can’t even being to convey my happiness in words, I will finally get to meet my oshimen and have my photo taken with her!!! There’s the added bonus of 2-shots with the following members also: Murashige Anna, Kimoto Kanon and Akiyoshi Yuka.


My love for idols doesn’t stop at the 48 groups though, I listen to many other groups such as: Passpo, Momoclo, Morning Musume, Babymetal,, BiS, Silent Siren, Afilia Saga, Sakura Gakuin, Bellring Shoujo Heart and many more. I love to support the smaller idol groups and follow the likes of Dear Stage to see what new idols they are bringing through.

Which brings me on to a little story I have and the reason I decided to finally write a blog post with a little more than just a mere paragraph about myself.

Recently I found out about an underground idol group called “Moso Calibration” which is shortened to “Mosoclbr”, anyone who already follows me on Tumblr may have noticed me rebloggin pics of some of their members. Anyway, to carry on with the story… I started to watch their videos on YouTube and found that I really like their songs and would like to get hold of the tracks without them being recorded at a live show, after reading their blog I saw they were releasing 3 singles over the course of 3 months (October, November and December) with the goal to sell 1000 copies of each single, failing to sell 1000 copies of all 3 singles would mean they would no longer operate next year. As I live in jolly old England I had no way to practically get hold of their singles and the friends I have in Japan are not idol fans so I couldn’t ask them to go to 3 different gigs just to get me some CDs. So with the help of our wonderful translator KudoShinichi I sent a tweet out to the band and their 5 members asking if there was any way to get hold of their single… I got a reply from a fan of the band telling me he would be able to help as he had extra copies of the first two singles and would be getting some singles at the live where they release the 3rd single! Fantastic!

Today I receieved a package from Japan with 3 CDs inside, the three Mosoclbr singles… the thing is, the amazingly kind fan who sent me these CDs asked me for my address and never replied when I asked how much money they wanted and how I was to go about getting it to them… So now I’m sat here with the singles which were sent from Japan to England having not paid a penny for them! The kindness of this fan is wonderful and shows the kind of support that is given to these idol groups. It would appear that this fan loves the group so much they just want them to be heard and supported. I will however find a way to repay this kind stranger. My first thought was to use the power of AIDOL to promote Mosoclbr, so as part of my thank you to this stranger I’d be so happy if a few of you could also support Mosoclbr. I’ll drop some links at the end of the post to their Twitter, Ambelo and some YouTube videos. It would be great if you could watch the videos and follow them on Twitter.


I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the AIDOL team, everyone here has been so wonderful since I joined and has helped me whenever I needed. Special shout outs to:

Boss: I have to thank you for letting me be a part of the team, without you none of this would have happened!

Souchan: What a guy, despite only being in AIDOL for a few months we’ve managed to get along so well already and even planning meeting up for a bit of madness in Japan!

KudoShinichi: You were the first person I really spoke to in AIDOL and you helped me get started and understand what I was to do, you’ve been nothing but helpful since, thank you for all the help :3

Half-San: Golly… Where do you even start with Half? This guy is, umm… how should I put it… unique. Always making everyone laugh, plus he’s a fellow HKT and Shige lover.

Tsunamu: Whatever nickname you want to use… I still can’t keep track! You’re always so helpful and have helped me with so many things already and been part of so many great conversations ^_^

Rock-Kun: This guy has already offered me the use of his sexy-vest (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this!), he’s had a real rough time lately with graduations so everyone send him your love too <3

Everyone else: I wish I could thank every single one of you and write something about/for each of you, as everyone in AIDOL is awesome and the place wouldn’t be the same if any one of them was gone – I’m so glad we’re all friends!

Anyway, this is crazy long so I’m sorry if it was a bit boring, here are the links I promised:

Link spam!

Mosoclbr Official Website
Mosoclbr Twitter
Mosoclbr Ameblo
YouTube Video 1: Mousou ga tomaranai + Hajimete dayo konna kimochi ni sasetekureta no ha koi
YouTube Video 2: Amazuppai, amajoppai

Thank you all for reading this <3